Mother of The Funky Monkey - Mother's Day E-Card
This e-card created with Flash, was designed for our wonderful mothers, and featured on Flash-Kit's website
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Elvis Animation
This animation, created with Flash, is to a medley of Elvis tunes and features the The Funky Monkey house pooch, Kody.
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Gel Films
Portsmouth NH

Opening credits for a short independent film "Brothers Keeper"
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Gel Films
Portsmouth NH
Proposed animated TV commercial for Hampton Beach Casino
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Rye NH
Flash logo animation
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Cross Current Productions
Portsmouth NH

Bumpers for documentary "Doing Water Right"
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Cross Current Productions
Portsmouth NH

Internal graphics for documentary "Doing Water Right"
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Magic Hat
3d animation
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New England Institute of Technology
Warwick RI

Bumper for "Backfocus" - a presentation of student work
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Decato Sound
Flash animation
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